As coffee becomes available from growing regions around the world, our team swings in to action like Batman at the scene of a crime, to grab the fresh crop samples to evaluate.

We then roast, taste and compare the new offerings to find the gems that will deliver maximum flavour in our blends.

  • Once we’ve got hold of the green coffee beans (for the pedantic, they’re not a bean but rather the seed of a fruit…) then it’s time to get technical. Every coffee needs subtle differences in the profile of temperature, time, airflow to optimise sweetness, character and body (mouthfeel).

    That’s no easy feat, it’s something that takes a combination of years of experience and clever technology – fortunately, we have both.

  • Adrian (head roaster / founder / the boss) has been roasting coffee for more than 15 years. Through experience, you develop the timing & intuition to know how to get the best out of each coffee.

    Through technology, we get control & consistency over each batch. It may not mean a lot to you that we use a german-built Probat roaster, Cropster roast profiling and a dedicated quality control lab – but it makes a difference to the coffee.


Our goal is maintain the character of the coffees that we’re buying, while still allowing a richness of flavour when serving our coffee in the real world. That means, we’re not roasting ‘dark’ until the beans are oily and smoky, and we’re not roasting so light that the coffee becomes thin and sour – it’s about finding the balance of sweetness & mouthfeel.


Of course better quality tastes better – but it does more than that. By paying more for quality green coffee, we’re supporting better managed farms who better support their workers & the local community. Many of these farms are also able to invest in certification programs like Rainforest Alliance, Utz & other local initiatives.

It’s all very well to talk about coffee, but it’s better to taste it. Get in touch with us here to arrange a tasting for your cafe or espresso bar.