Don’t be put off by memories of dodgy roadside diners in America. When it’s made well, with fresh coffee, filter can taste crisp, fruity & sweet. This recipe can be adapted to any type of manual filter cone (like the one in the picture) or Chemex brewer. Here’s how we do it. 1) Pop the jug on. Grab a bag of awesome coffee. Preferably something roasted on the lighter side with plenty of fruit flavours (like our current single-origin). Weigh out 20g and grind it on a medium (paper filter) setting - usually about half way between plunger (french press) and espresso.. IMG_0587_2 2) Put your mug with the filter and coffee on a set of scales and hit ‘tare’ (zero). IMG_0588 3) Pour a small amount of hot water over the grounds, just enough to wet all the coffee and give the ‘slurry’ a quick stir to make sure all the grounds are wet. IMG_0591 4) Leave it for about 30 seconds, then pour slowly over the grounds making sure the water level doesn’t get too high. IMG_0595 5) When the scale reaches 300g, stop pouring give the grounds one last stir to make sure they don’t stick up on the walls and let it pour through. Aim for the brewing process to take about 3 minutes. IMG_0598 You’re all done. If the coffee is tasting sour & dry, try grinding finer next time. If the coffee is tasting bitter & metallic, make it coarser. IMG_0603