It may be a strange looking device, but if you’re looking for a filter coffee brewer that is quick, unbreakable & requires almost no cleaning - then this could be for you. The Aeropress comes with a guide, but there is more than one way to use this versatile little device (check out the recipes from the world aeropress championship…yes, it’s really a thing). For now, here’s how we do it: 1) Pop the jug on. Grab a bag of fresh coffee. Preferably something roasted on the lighter side with plenty of fruit flavours (like our current single-origin). Weigh out 15g (roughly 1 Aeropress scoop) and grind it on a medium (paper filter) setting - usually about half way between plunger (french press) and espresso. aeropress_grind 2) Put one of the round paper filters in, place the brewer onto a jug (or cup) & pour water from the kettle over the coffee until it comes up to the top of the ‘4’ (200g water to be accurate) aeropress_pour 3) Give the coffee a quick stir and wait 1 minute aeropress_stir 4) Put the plunger onto the brewer and press down - not too hard, just let it press down smoothly. Keep pressing until you hear the ‘kschhhh’ sound (the air escaping at the bottom) aeropress_press
5) Remove the cap, press the used coffee out & give it a rinse.
6) Serve up the coffee and you’re all done. aeropress_serve