I don't want to alarm anyone, but summer is literally days away. And by now, I'm sure you'll know that cold-brewing makes the smoothest, chocolaty-est iced coffee around. Yes, you can brew it yourself - or you can grab one that we prepared earlier... The Details It's a 500ml bottle of concentrate that you can use as a 'shot' to mix with milk or drink it straight - not too much, we recommend 50ml, it packs a punch. To preserve, maximum tastiness, it needs to be kept in the fridge. Right now, it's only available through wholesale. So if you're an existing customer just ask us for a sample or add a bottle to your next order. If you're not a wholesale customer, get in touch here so we can get you started. For some serving suggestions, Click here for a guide to the basics. From there you can also use this versatile ingredient in a stack of different ways, from milkshakes to ice-cream, baking to cocktails.