Quality training is the ultimate sweetener

So you’re opening a café and you’ve got your location, fit-out and suppliers sorted – phew! But now it’s about finding and keeping the right bunch of people to bring your menu to life, chat to customers and make that amazing coffee that will keep people lined-up outside your door. Sure it’s handy to have your crew come on board with the skills and know-how to hit the ground running, however you still can’t beat conducting your own training; in-house training refines techniques, familiarises your team with espresso equipment and most importantly makes sure you’re all on the same page. It’s like this, if you want to be known for specialty coffee you’ll need to be certain each coffee poured is consistently hitting the right notes. Training means your café can build a solid reputation and run smoothly. A regular training schedule is a great way to ensure all aspects of café life are covered. Plus short courses, such as Peaberrys Espresso Fundamentals increase more than staff skills. Loyalty gets a boost also; training is a proven tool to keep your team turning up for their shifts, i.e., they feel valued.

Peaberrys top 5 training tips:

  1. Add one regular training session to your weekly/monthly roster.
  2. Keep training short, sweet and relevant – 10 minutes should do the trick.
  3. Focus on one skill per session.
  4. Have fun with it. Set challenges and offer rewards.
  5. Mix it up and get off site every now and then. Visit suppliers, taste products at their source etc.
To keep it simple and varied we suggest you keep to four key topics: technique, service, menu and espresso equipment. Just switching up the specific content to suit the needs of your café.

Take advantage of your suppliers for specialist training

Your suppliers will be keen to share knowledge and educate on the benefits of their product. They are an invaluable resource to gain practical knowledge, especially when starting a coffee shop. Peaberrys offers three different barista courses exclusively for wholesale customers and staff: Espresso Fundamentals, Advanced Espresso and Latte Art Practice. Staff training is a necessary investment for starting and successfully running a café; considering your team will make up the biggest chunk of your budget it is smart to keep them turning up and performing at their best. Get in touch to tee up Peaberrys’ on-site training or book your team in for one of our specialty coffee courses.