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Peaberrys x The Marketing GP collaboration


Just like the perfect morning coffee, the local community has fueled us to help improve the lives of others.

Peaberrys Coffee Roasters has partnered with The Marketing GP to create a special blend that brings all the wonderful elements of being a Novocastrian into your daily cup of coffee. We’ve sought coffee beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea, tested and tweaked, and carefully roasted a delicious blend to be enjoyed black or with your favourite milk.

And even better, every bag of beans you purchase will help Hunter founded organisation, TROG Cancer Research, outsmart cancer and find treatment options that will improve outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients for generations.

Help outsmart cancer, with TROG Cancer Research

Your purchase of a NewyWay bag of beans will help researchers to outsmart cancer.

Your cup of coffee will go a long way in creating life-changing and life-saving cancer research. For every bag of NewyWay beans purchased, a portion will be donated to the important work that TROG Cancer Research is doing to help improve the outcomes and quality of life for people affected by cancer.

With their head office based in Newcastle, we’ve packaged the spirit of the Hunter community to help give back to a cause that has affected many of us.

Novocastrians are a generous bunch – we care about our impact. We care about others. And we care about our community.

Through clinical trials using radiation therapy, TROG Cancer Research has made groundbreaking discoveries that have led to improved outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients today and in future generations locally, nationally and globally.

So your favourite daily coffee and respite from a busy day are now generously giving back to our generation, your grandchildren’s, and even beyond.

What better reason is there to enjoy coffee in your day!

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Since 2000, we have proudly provided the Hunter Valley and the surrounding regions with unique roast blends and single-origin coffee. We search the world for the best beans. We roast only the finest from Kenya, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Papa New Guinea and Australia. As a family business, we are happy to bring you authentic blends, which include fair trade and organic.


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The Marketing GP ignites the potential of businesses through unique marketing that is strategic, integrated and leveraged from our head office located in Carrington (Carrodise!). On our tenth birthday, we wanted to blow out the candles knowing we are making a difference in a community that has given so much to us! So we’ve celebrated a decade by partnering with Peaberrys Coffee Roasters and TROG Cancer Research to create a coffee that not only tastes and feels good, but does good as well!

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TROG (the Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group) is a global leader in cancer research and has been successfully improving the outcomes of cancer patients since 1989.

Unfortunately, many of us have a loved one, colleague, friend or acquaintance who has battled cancer. In fact, there are over 1 million people in Australia today who are either living with or have had cancer. It’s a disease that has a devastating effect on the individual, their family and support network and the community as a whole, and it’s frightening to consider that it could touch our lives at any time.

Although survival rates have increased and mortality rates continue to drop, with so many strains of the disease in existence continuous research is needed to improve treatment outcomes for certain cancer types and to improve the quality of life for those fighting cancer.

TROG Cancer Research has provided hope for people with cancer for thirty years using one treatment – radiation therapy. One in two cancer patients will benefit from radiation therapy.

As one of the largest clinical trial groups in Australia and New Zealand, the research they’ve conducted over three decades has benefited individuals around the world… It also means future generations have an increased chance of surviving and enjoying a better quality of life whilst fighting cancer.

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