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8oz Peaberrys branded Keep cup – Plastic


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Due to worldwide food safety regulations inc.EU 10/2011, FDA CFTTitle 21 and the Japan Food Sanitation Law, the use of recycled plastic for multiple use items is not currently recommended for food-contact articles.

This is mainly due to the threat of contaminates from non-food safe chemicals throughout the recycling process. To ensure the safety of our consumers, long product life, and safety for use with hot beverages, KeepCup Original are created from polypropylene.


Material choice –plastic

  • Fully recyclable – stable and widely recycled globally
  • Stackable – reducing freight requirements and carbon footprint
  • Fit for purpose – heat resistant, lightweight, unbreakable
  • Provides low embodied energy manufacturing capabilities
  • Independently tested to ensure it is BPA and BPS free